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Mould King was established in 2012 in “China Toy Reward Metropolis – Chenghai”. It’s an exhaustive toy maker that comes with toy modern work, creation and offers. The corporate presently has a normalized creation line of 30,000 sq. meters and an astute bundling workshop for accomplished objects, and has free modern work, construction and creation skills, simply as senior designing modern work innovation.

With Mould King toys inside and outside participation making ready crops have quite a few lengthy stretches of unfamiliar change dealing with expertise. All have ISO14001 pure administration framework affirmation and ISO 9001 high quality administration framework accreditation.

Mould King Introduction

Guangdong Yuxing Technology Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Chenghai district, Shaudou city, which is considered the capital of toys. Yuxing Company has many years of operation in the field of toy production. The company owns advanced machinery and equipment with technical qualifications, so it has a strong foothold in the industry. The company’s factory specializes in manufacturing block toys according to customer requirements.

Through continuous innovation, the company establishes a brand identity platform that makes it easy for customers to recognize and not be confused among a wide range of other products in the industry. Each product is meticulously designed, error-free and finished with eco-friendly ABS plastic.

The factory always follows the set principles: Useful and progressive, reliable, and innovative to get the best quality. The company’s products are used and trusted in many markets around the world: Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia … The company always tries its best to be better and better. many customers trust. The company sincerely wishes to use the cooperation of customers around the world to be able to create a better future.

Mould King Certificate of Conformity

Mould King Certificate of Conformity

Mould King Certificate of Conformity 2 - MOULD KING

Mould King specification

The outer box of the assembled jigsaw was designed and built by Mould King itself – different from Lego. The box is also made of cardboard, prints very nice, coated with glossy nylon. The following information is printed on the box:

  1. Brand name and Logo of company
  2. the right age to play
  3. number of pieces (number of blocks)
  4. code of the product 
  5. photos of the product model after completing assembly under many angles
  6. Small photo depicts the real size of the model
  7. Product name is translated into many languages
  8. Warnings prohibit children under 3 from playing (due to many small pieces) in many languages
  9. hazard icons for children under 3 years old, reusable product icons, logos of CE, CCC quality standards

How to package Mould King assembly jigsaw toys

  • The assemblies are large, the product box has many small carton boxes inside to divide the assembled puzzle bags.
  • The small and medium assemblies have a carton compartment inside to separate the assembled bags and keep the box nice.
  • The jigsaw assemblies are relatively large, the product box includes a plastic handle for easy transport.
  • Large assembled blocks (such as base plate, boat frame, mast, wheel …) are placed directly inside the product carton box.
  • The rest of the assembled puzzles are packed in a machine-torn nylon bag. These bags are numbered with the MoldKing product set number. This job is equivalent to genuine Lego.

Features of Mould King assembly blocks

The colors of the MoldKing assembly puzzle block are amazingly beautiful, pure, impeccable! Color quality topped the charts and comparable to genuine Lego. MoldKing assembly blocks made of pure ABS plastic are safe for children, free of harmful substances, durable under physical effects (cars running through stars), durable over time and temperature ( hot water washing is okay) similar to genuine Lego. The puzzle pieces, blocks of the same size, plastic thickness, are completely mixed and compatible, completely mixed with Lego with a shiny surface, no excess plastic, no sharp edges. At the bottom of each piece of plastic, the block of plastic is embossed with the manufacturer’s block code. The high-precision dimensions of the MoldKing assembly are a top favorite of the craftsmen Lego. This is required for the large Lego models to be firmly assembled.

Features of Mould King assembly guide

  • Usually bound in the style of binding with glue at the back of the neck looks very beautiful and professional.
  • Print in full color
  • For large assemblies, the outer cover of the guide is coated with glossy nylon. 



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