MOC Factory 165091 Pirate Ship The Ruined King with 5854 Pieces

MOC Factory 165091 Pirate Ship The Ruined King with 5854 Pieces


상표: MOC 공장
성별: 유니섹스
연령대: > 6세
Model Number: 165091
분류: 조립
플라스틱 블록 모양: 자동 잠금 벽돌
자료: 플라스틱
플라스틱 유형: ABS
Bricks Blocks: 5854 +
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✅ MOC-165091 Pirate Ship The Ruined King

✅ “The Ruined King” as a pirate ship conjures an image of a formidable and legendary vessel that strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies.  The Ruined King boasts a large, imposing hull made from the strongest oak, reinforced with iron plates for extra durability. The wood is weathered and dark, showing signs of numerous battles and voyages across treacherous seas.  The ship’s figurehead is a fearsome carving of a skeletal king, adorned with a tattered crown and clutching a broken scepter, symbolizing both its name and its dark legacy. 

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Product Name: Pirate Ship The Ruined King

범주: 영화

This Kit Contains: C10031

5854 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 64 x 25 x 45 cm

Weight: 3.68 kg

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Introducing our proud collection named “Pirate Ship The Ruined King” you should not miss.

 The Ruined King is not just a ship but a symbol of pirate legend, combining formidable armament, a skilled and loyal crew, and an aura of dark mystique that makes it a force to be reckoned with on the high seas. 


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