MOC Factory 89242 Skibidi Toilet Camera Mech with 254 Pieces
$15.36 Kjøp

MOC Factory 89242 Skibidi Toilet Camera Mech with 254 Pieces


Merke: MOC Factory
Kjønn: Unisex
Aldersgruppe: > 6 år gammel
Model Number: 89242
Klassifisering: Montering
Plastblokkform: Selvlåsende murstein
Materiale: Plast
Plasttype: ABS
Bricks Blocks: 254 +
Ingen original eske

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✅ MOC-89242 Skibidi Toilet Camera Mech

✅The Camera Mech is a mechanically powered exoskeleton (which also appears to be rigid) equipped with an Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler, developed by The Alliance. This machine is operated by a Scientist Cameraman who notably lost the lower half of his body, possibly due to an injury inflicted by the Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet in Episode 48.


Product Name: Skibidi Toilet Camera Mech

Kategori: Film

This Kit Contains: C9708Y03

254 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size:  15.2 x 8.5 x 14.9 cm

Weight: 0.12 kg


📌Protagonistens natur

Introducing our proud collection named “Skibidi Toilet Camera Mech” you should not miss.

The Camera Mech is a bipedal mech suit employed by one of the Scientist Cameramen in Episode 48 Episode 54. Its cockpit is exposed to the surroundings, featuring controls protruding out front from its abdomen area. Atop the mech, a device can be observed that resembles either a speaker encased in protective armor, or a projector, with a design reminiscent of the Cameraman Dropship. It employs many different weapons from its arms, each having a special ability. A Parasite Disabler Gun can be seen on one of its arms, while another arm possesses the capability of shooting stun darts. while the other gun can stun other Skibidi toilets and the other gun is a minigun.


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