CaDa C66014 Japanese Style Canteen Izakaya with 861 Pieces

CaDa C66014 Japanese Style Canteen Izakaya with 861 Pieces


Marque : CaDa
Genre: Unisexe
Tranche d'âge : > 8 ans
Model Number: C66014
Classement : Assemblage
Forme de bloc en plastique : briques autobloquantes
Matériel: Plastique
Type de plastique : ABS
Bricks Blocks: 861 +
Pas de boite d'origine

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✅CaDA C66014 Japanese Style Canteen Izakaya
✅A Japanese-style canteen or izakaya is a type of casual, traditional Japanese dining establishment. Izakayas are popular in Japan and are known for serving a variety of small dishes and drinks, often in a relaxed and social atmosphere. 
Product Name: Japanese Style Canteen Izakaya
Catégorie : Construction Modulaire
This Kit Contains: CaDA C66014
861 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size: 13.6 x 17.6 x 18.5 cm 
Instructions manuelles 
📌Nature du protagoniste 
Introducing our proud collection named “Japanese Style Canteen Izakaya” you should not miss. 
 Izakayas offer a wide variety of small, flavorful dishes known as “tapas” or “small plates.” These can include grilled skewers (yakitori), tempura, sashimi, sushi, edamame, gyoza (dumplings), and more. The menu is diverse, allowing customers to try many different items. Izakayas are as much about the drinks as they are about the food. They serve a range of alcoholic beverages, including sake, beer, shochu, and a variety of cocktails. Sake, in particular, is a popular choice, and many izakayas offer a selection of different sake brands and types. Izakayas have a casual and relaxed ambiance. They are often cozy and dimly lit, providing a comfortable and informal setting for friends and colleagues to socialize. Many izakayas have traditional Japanese decor, including wooden furniture and paper lanterns.
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