MOULD KING 17054 Gopher Loader with 1423 Pieces

MOULD KING 17054 Gopher Loader with 1423 Pieces


ブランド: 金型王
性別: ユニセックス
年齢幅: > 14 歳
Model Number: 17054
分類: 集合
プラスチック ブロックの形状: セルフロック レンガ
素材: プラスチック
プラスチックの種類: ABS
Bricks Blocks: 1423 +

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✅MouldKing 17054 Gopher Loader

✅The Gopher Loader is a compact, versatile piece of machinery designed for efficient loading, transport, and unloading in various environments. Its primary purpose is to handle materials in tight spaces or difficult terrains where larger loaders cannot operate effectively.


Product Name: Gopher Loader

カテゴリ: テクニック

This Kit Contains: MouldKing 17054 

1423 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 40.7 × 17.6 × 15.9 cm



Introducing our proud collection named “Gopher Loader” you should not miss.

Key Features
Compact Design:

Size: Small and maneuverable, able to operate in confined spaces.
Weight: Lightweight design for easy transportation and minimal ground impact.


Engine: Efficient diesel or electric engine providing ample power.
Hydraulics: High-performance hydraulic system for lifting and moving heavy loads.

Tracks or Wheels:

Tracks: Rubber or metal tracks for superior traction on soft, uneven, or rugged surfaces.
Wheels: Option for heavy-duty tires for operation on solid or semi-solid surfaces.

Loading Mechanism:

Bucket: Standard loader bucket for general material handling.
Attachments: Quick-attach system for various tools such as forks, grapples, augers, or trenchers.



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